New awards site

Posted by webmaster on july 28, 2007

Greetings and welcome to the newly completely redesigned Region One Awards Program website. We hope that this new fresh look will be not only pleasing, but we have designed the site with a greater ease of navigation. It is our hope that you will find this new site easy to use, informative, and an overall great resource. Click the "More" button below for a site tour, of the site's available features, and offerings.

from the director

Posted by Pam on august 16, 2007

All awards are sent pdf file and if you would like the award mailed to you then a SASE is needed. I have completed sending out the Regional Certificates of Appreciation, and am working on finishing the Hailing Frequencies awards. The Hailing Frequency Award is for the chapters MSR reports status for the year 2006. I thank all Chapters that participated in the 2006 Annual Awards. I am also encouraging everyone, especially Chapter COs to take a look at the site and the awards listed and utilize the awards program to recognize the hard working members of their chapter. Right now I'm working on the Good Conduct Medals among other things. I hope you enjoy this new site and lastly I would like thank Matt Moyer for all his hard work in developing this new site, and to his company Beyond Web for providing the hosting space.